We come to life with a big credit, with a big loan and even interest that we have to repay a second, before we die. The question is how we will pay off it, does this loan allow us to create an interesting course-investment. Most likely this could be a timeless and unlimited memory.
When emotions and impulses are filtered by thought, but it does not find the right words to express them, then the image mediates, it takes on the weight and finally says much more. This is exactly what interests me and makes me die.
Living the present you describe the future without predicting it.
When anger overcomes anger and becomes anger for anger, that is it meets peace, then the mixture of the two gives birth to the work of art, free from emotion and vile symbolism, that is why I have nothing to tell you or suggest you. The image is born of brain formations and I lose control, at least until we have not yet sufficiently explored the brain. The conclusion is that, it is up to the viewer to give the interpretations he can give. As for the creator, he will be judged much later: whether his creation was a multi-faced diamond, or a simple flat glass.
Painting has a direct relationship with man and society, evolving in parallel with the social, political and economic changes of each era. Painting has a mental, spiritual, political and economic status.