Professor’s Aristotelis Naniopoulos acquaintance with the great artist of the Hellenic Diaspora, Constantin Xenakis, on the occasion of professor’s question about the project assigned to Xenakis,of signing a City in France. They open a dialogue, professor acquires certain works of the artist.
Following long discussions with prof. Naniopoulos the artist, who was born in Cairo and lives in Athens and Paris, expresses his intention to donate to the city of Serres a number of his artworks, in order to create the Thematic Museum “Constantin Xenakis”. The artist has not any special ties with the city but he is persuaded to donate art works in a City of Macedonia, in Serres.
Constantin Xenakis and prof. A. Naniopoulos meet with the then Mayor Mr. Yiannis Moisiadis. A building within the former military camp PAPALOUKAS is selected and a draft proposal is made by prof. A. Naniopoulos for the creation of the “Constantin Xenakis” Museum.
Yiannis Vlachos takes over as the Mayor of Serres, shows positive mood for the Museum creation, and assigns this task to the late Kostas Kalios, as the responsible vice Mayor. For unknown reasons the initially selected building is being demolished
The SERREON POLITEIA society is founded having as main statutory objective, the creation of the “Constantin Xenakis” Museum and the Cultural Park in the former PAPALOUKAS military camp
Petros Angelidis takes over as the Mayor of Serres, who has been informed about the effort of the SERREON POLITEIA society expressing his full support in it
2011 13/04
Following continuous efforts and meetings of Mayor P. Angelidis in Athens the Minister of Defense, at that time, Evangelos Venizelos grants the building AM 2797 in the former military camp PAPALOUKAS, to the Municipality of Serres, for the creation of the “Constantin Xenakis Museum”.
2011 - 2012

Preliminary studies as well as final studies, concerning the restoration-redesign of the building granted, are made by the SERREON POLITEIA Society, via voluntary work offer, of its members and friends.

2012 21/06
SERREON POLITEIA Society establishes the Civil non Profit Company “Museum Constantin Xenakis”, in order to participate in a call for financing the construction project of the Museum. The Company is dissolved on 6/12/2016, following the inclusion of the project in INTERREG Programme.
A private sponsor is contacted who at first was positive, then sets terms that could not be met.
2012 22/11

A dossier is prepared by The Municipality of Serres and the SERREON POLITEIA Society, and a proposal is submitted to the Programme EPPERAA-YPEKA “Energy Intelligent Thematic Museums, of near zero Energy Consumption”. The Programme, finally did not proceeded as a whole and the proposal submitted had not been financed, despite the efforts and contacts of both, the Mayor P. Angelidis and the SERREON POLITEIA Society, with the political leadership (Minister professor E. Livieratos).

2013 22/04

A dossier is prepared by the Municipality of Serres and the SERREON POLITEIA Society and submitted to the Programme GREEN FUND/URBAN REVITALISATION 2012-2015. Due to the high number of proposals submitted and the low Programme budget, the proposal had not been approved.

2013 04/09

A dossier is prepared by the Municipality of Serres and the SERREON POLITEIA Society and submitted to the Programme IPA CROSS BORDER PROGRAMME “GREECE-THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA” 2007-2013. Due to a human mistake the application submitted late and has not been evaluated.


The Municipality pays the amount of 25.000 € for the preparation of application studies (Architectural-Static-Electromechanical). A great number of man-hours is devoted by the Municipality’s Technical Service to obtain the necessary Licenses.

In addition, in order to protect the building, the Municipality proceeded in improving the waterproofing, spending an amount of 22.600 €.

2016 22/04

A dossier is prepared by the Municipality of Serres, the SERREON POLITEIA Society, AUTh, DUTh, the Municipality of Petrich, with the coordination of prof. A. Naniopoulos and submitted to the Programme INTERREG V-A GREECE – BULGARIA.

The SERREON POLITEIA Society, the Municipality of Serres and the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (C.C.I.) organize an exhibition of Constantin Xenakis works in Zincirli Mosque, in the foyer of the ASTERIA Theaterand in a ground floor shop, which belongs to C.C.I.
2017 16/03
The proposal “CULTURAL DIPOLE”, which has been submitted to the INTERREG V-A Programme, Greece-Bulgaria is approved, preliminary.
2017 01/09

The CULTURAL DIPOLE contract is signed by the project partners and the Managing Committee of INTERREG V-A GREECE-BULGARIA.
The Municipality of Serres is the Coordinator. Main partners: Municipality of Petrich, AUTh., DUTh. Supporters: SERREON POLITEIA, Ε.Μ.Ε.Ι.S

2017 December
Announcement of a call for the reconstruction of the building.
The property status of the ex-military camp is clarified, in favor of the Municipality. The law concerning the ex-military camp’s Urban Plan, is published.
2018 September
Finalization of the competitive process for the reconstruction of the building, a contract is signed with the company “AMIKAT S.A.”.
2019 September

Complementary contract concerning the reinforcement of the building’s strength, after the discovery of extensive corrosion on the roof of the building.

Alexandros Chrysafis takes over as the Mayor of Serres.

The COVID 19 pandemic breaks out.

2020 06/05
The donation contract of 171 works of Constantin Xenakis is signed, by the Mayor Alexandros Chrysafis and the artist’s representative prof. A. Naniopoulos.
2020 06/06
Constantin Xenakis dies.
2020 December
Announcement of the call for the procurement and installation of equipment based on the Museological-Museographic-Graphic Design study of the emeritous professors of AUTh, P. Tzonos, M. Skaltsa and their collaborators.
2021 May
Finalization of the competitive procedure, a contract is signed between the Municipality and the “TETRAGON” company.
2021 July
Dimitris Siamangas is appointed as the vice Mayor in charge, for supervising the procurement and installation of the equipment. Great efforts are made to find sponsors concerning unforeseen expenses.
2022 18/03
Art works which were in Athens come to Serres and the placement of artworks in the Museum starts by a group of volunteers from Serres.
2022 29/03
Dimitris Siamangas dies suddenly.
2022 11/05
Finalization of the placement of art works as well as of certain other construction works in the Contemporary Art Museum “Constantin Xenakis”. The volunteers work for about 50 days.
2022 14/05
Official opening of the Museum by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni and the Mayor of Serres, in the presence of many officials and local people.